The cliche ‘new year, new me’ thoughts are starting to enter our minds. Yet no one ever needs to be a ‘new’ person, just someone that is taking the steps to become a better version of themselves.

The holidays for many people can be stress-inducing, especially for those with disordered eating or weight-loss goals. It’s important to remember to keep your diet balanced and that fad diets are outdated and lifestyle changes are in.

Enjoy the chocolate, the treats, and the dinners out, as the social aspect and indulgence come as part of the season. However, wherever you can, ensure you eat well, to help avoid the self-destruct mode that you can enter when your jeans are a little tight. When we eat an excess of sugar, carbs, or food that doesn’t agree with us, we tend to bloat, this happens to all of us and is completely normal, so keep that in mind and don’t be too hard on yourself.

When January starts so do our good intentions. Yet the standards we often set are too high or apply too much pressure. So Emirates Woman has curated a list combined with a juice detox, freshly delivered meals, and meal plans that take the pressure off and help you along in your lifestyle change.


Essentially offers an array of options, whether you’re looking to add the juices to your balanced diet or take part in a 3 day cleanse. The brand gives you the nutrition you need through cold-pressed juices, nut milk, and vegan protein snacks; no preservatives or added sugar either. Designed for those who are looking to kickstart positive and lasting change to their health.

For more information visit Essentially


A vegan meal plan delivery that delivers fresh food to your door daily. Plant-based meals that are non-GMO, cane sugar-free, preservative-free and delicious. There are a variety of plans to choose from ranging from a balanced lifestyle to weight management. You simply curate your menu weekly and your work is done.

For more information visit Freakin Healthy

Meals On Me

Meals on Me is a healthy meal delivery service in Dubai that provides the solution to busy lifestyles and a lack of healthy options when you’re on the go. Offering plans for 3 meals a day or just 1, Meals on Me has a range of different plans to choose from; keto, vegan, low carb, and many more. Select your meals for the week and make your choices from 30 dishes each day.

For more information visit Meals On Me

Caroline Deisler

This meal plan is one for those who love to cook. The 10-day body reset is a meal plan designed by vegan, nutritionist and influencer, Caroline Deisler. Purchase the ebook to gain access to a shopping list, daily checklist, and 30 healthy vegan recipes to reset your body and start your journey into veganism. Her plans are plant-based, improve digestion and clear the skin by using only fresh whole foods. If this plan goes well, then she also has a 10 Day Winter Reset, a 21 Day Vegan plan, and a Sweet Vegan (sugar-free) book for those with a sweet tooth.

For more information visit Caroline’s Choice

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