Thanks to celebrities such as Madonna, Reese Witherspoon and Megan Fox, Pilates has become the most fashionable workout in town. But it’s not all style over substance; done right and it’s a fantastic full body workout that helps with endurance, control, and strength.

If you’re looking for a class in Dubai, there are plenty to choose from, but with so many variations you’ll need to find one to suit. Here’s our top six reformer Pilates classes to try**.


The Gym: Piloga, Bay Square Avenue, Business Bay

Piloga host various Pilates classes, however when it comes to the reformer classes we prefer to opt for the Athletic Reformer class. Not only does it give you a deeper stretch, but its faster pace offers more of a cardio element to the workout.

The room is small, fitting just four reformer machines. While this does allow the teacher to focus more attention on you it does feel slightly cramped.

Facilities: There’s a water tank and towels are provided. The shower rooms are small but there’s soap and shampoo and a hairdryer (though it’s not very strong). Body oil and sanitary products also available.

Price: Dhs130 per class.

Available on Classport, Classdive and Guava

The Gym: Mojo Pilates, Concorde Tower, Dubai Media City

As Dubai’s first dedicated cardio reformer class, this isn’t for the lighthearted. We recommend Layla’s class for its awesome modern soundtrack and more challenging moves.

Unlike classic Pilates where the focus is on breathing, in Mojo the emphasis is on getting the heart racing through dynamic and fast-paced positions.

Set in a large studio, there’s less attention on individuals but it’s still easy to follow the moves – providing you are next to someone who knows what they are doing.

Facilities: There’s always a queue for the three showers but it moves quickly. Toiletries are provided and there’s a paddle brush and hairdryer, too. Towels are provided and you can pay for water or a fresh juice.

Price: Dhs110 per class.

Available on Classport, Classdive and Guava

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The Gym: Roshi Ross, Al Quoz, (04) 3383831

You’ll never do another Pilates class like this. Using cardio-tramp reformers (reformers with a mini trampoline at the end rather than a bar), the movements are cardio-centric meaning you burn extra calories, while still using the principles of Pilates.

While it feels more energetic it is has a low impact on your joints.

Roshi is an amazing teacher who focuses on each individual, even adapting classes so each person could be simultaneously doing a different workout that suits their particular needs.

Her ab track will make men with six packs cry – so you know it works.

Facilities: As a boutique studio there is only one shower but the toiletries are all provided as are towels. There’s a state-of-the-art purifying water cooler machine.

Price: Dhs130 per class.

Best Pilates Reformer Classes In Dubai

The Gym: Real Pilates, One Building, JLT

This is where Pilates teachers train so you know it’s good.

While following a more classic method – concentrating on breathing – there’s also a cardio element (not as intense as Mojo) with some movements speeded up to get the heart racing.

The classrooms are large but the teachers are still able to focus their attention on individuals and readily adjust positions.

There’s a tendency in some studios to rattle out moves, yet here there is a heavy focus on getting the form correct.

Facilities: Showers and basics toiletries.

Price: Dhs110 per class.

The Gym: Pilates Academy, Cluster X, Jumeirah Bay X2 Tower, JLT

Another boutique studio with only three reformer machines, but that’s one of the benefits – there’s never more than three people in a class so the level of attention you get makes it feel very personalised.

There’s less cardio and more concentrating on breathing and strength. The teachers will push you to your limit but not in a way that is bullish or mean. They’ll also correct you a lot, ensuring you don’t injure yourself.

The figures of the Pilates teachers will also give you major #fitspo.

Facilities: There’s only one shower room, with toileteries and one hairdryer.

Price: Dhs100 per class.

Available on Classdive and Guava

The Gym: Jeanique Yoga & Pilates, Platimum Tower, Cluster I, JLT 

Owner and trainer Jeanique offers the most classic form of Pilates. Jeanique’s attention to her students is incredible. Not only can she spot your weakest areas, but she will also help you adjust your body so that you get the maximum results.

The movements are slow and controlled but don’t mistake that for them being ineffective. At the end of the class your body will feel great, full of energy and fully strecthed.

Facilities: Basic shower room

Price: Dhs95 per class.

** All classes are based on drop-in prices. Each studio offers discount package deals.

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