There’s no denying that supper clubs have harboured a newfound momentum in this part of the world.

To recover from a socially distant world, this concept garners all the traits of a refined social experience, combined with everyone’s love for food.

Creating a new dining experience in Dubai, Emirates Woman has curated a guide of all the supper clubs you need to try.

Kuv’s Secret Supper Club

As one of the first supper clubs in Dubai, Kuv’s Secret Supper Club really paved the way for the popularity of the concept. Working on an invite-only basis, there’s something new to try on every visit. Headed by chef Kuv, the evening comprises of inciteful conversations, laughter and an exotic take on traditional dishes. Having gone through a few iterations since its inception, each meal is sure to make a lasting impression for all its visitors.


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This intimate dining experience was founded by Jatin Suri. A self-taught cook who presents all his culinary expertise with a new audience at every dinner. This concept offers beautifully plated dishes made to perfection. From a new take on broccoli to traditional dishes with a modern flair, expect the unexpected at the gathering. While fostering intelligent conversations at the table, people from all ethnicities sit together to savour a series of well-balanced ingredients. To be a part of the next supper club, DM the Instagram page for more details.

Girl and The Goose

Founded by chef Gabriella Grasser, this supper club presents her fascinating travel experiences on a plate. Born to break down the barriers of socializing, the evening comprises of healthy fun dishes from Nicaragua, presented with a twist. By breaking the notion of healthy food being boring, Gabriella managed to create a niche set of her own, bringing like-minded individuals from the globe over together to share their stories. From gluten-free waffles to passion fruit ceviche, a succulent menu is created for each visit with an array of flavours.

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Haus of Vo


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This is one of the newest supper clubs to try out in Dubai. Founded by Lisa Vo, a self-taught culinary expert, who creates a delectable four-course menu. Designed to savour each dish over some engaging conversation, the meal is whole-heartedly prepared with a story close to the chef’s journey. From prawn carpaccio to smoked duck, this experience will leave you wanting more. Created with the finest of ingredients, guests are sure to be enchanted by this exquisite experience. To sign up stay tuned for dates on the Instagram page and DM accordingly.

The Table Project

This community-led project ensures tradition is kept alive through every ingredient. By infusing technique and heritage, The Table Project focuses on anything slow, fermented, rare and authentic. From deliveries to specially prepared sauces, there’s an opportunity to try something new on each visit. By exchanging historical and cultural stories over the meal, this initiative has transcended into a concept beyond food. To make a booking visit here.



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Serving a delicious eight-course menu dominated by Asian dishes, this one-of-a-kind concept is one not to be missed. Each experience takes place at a secret location. Prepared with dishes using fire cooking only, makes this concept set apart from the rest. Only a few people who attend are aware of his identity, adding an element of mystery to the entire experience. Characterised as Banksy of the culinary world, this exclusive supper club works on a first direct message first server basis, making it even more interesting. Each dinner can be hosted for up to eight guests and will most likely need to be booked days in advance as they’re fully booked before you know it.

Tano’s at 8


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This underground dining experience is sure to tingle your palate. With a range of dishes varying from the burnt basque cheesecake to green gazpacho, each experience out beats the other. Started by a couple, this concept brings the best out of each meal with an experimental take on each dish. With more than just a sit-down meal, the founders are also keen to share their recipes and learn from all those who visit. To book a spot, stay tuned for the dates on their Instagram page and DM accordingly.

The Curry Bureau

Bringing home-cooked coastal cuisine directly to your plate, this concept fits perfectly as Dubai continues to be a melting pot of different cultures. Each dish is travel influenced and is guaranteed to leave the guests wanting for more. Having refined the concept since its inception, there’s no doubt that it has gained immense popularity in the UAE with people from all nationalities coming to enjoy it. This supper club is a delight for all the seafood lovers out there, no matter what their ethnicity.

Chef Halawa


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There’s an element of nostalgia with each dish served. From the famous Kunafa’s to popular dishes from the Levantine cuisine, this vibrant experience is one to savour after a long week. By expanding into private dinners and events, this concept has become a niche in the market. Having previously introduced pop-ups including Iftars at Alserkal Avenue, each dish is an ode to Chef Halawa’s hometown. There are bespoke menus also created for special occasions.

As most of these concepts are hosted on an intimate scale, it’s always best to stay tuned for the latest dates and DM the page before it’s too late.

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