IN PARTNERSHIP: With ever-changing interior trends, finding what works for your space can prove to be difficult at times.

However, for those eager to refresh and revamp their homes for 2022, the professionals are here to guide you.

Dubai-based luxury interiors brand Al Huzaifa has just launched a bespoke design concept, the Design Studio, to create exclusive pieces that combine eclecticism with the finest attention to detail.

Enabling clients to be on-trend, as well as timeless when it comes to revamping your space, the experts at the studio offer walk-through mockups, discussion rooms, veneers, custom wallpapers, woodwork treatments, fabrics, materials, stones and much more.

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Whether earthy hues or a vintage revival, Al Huzaifa runs the gamut of ensuring that all customers have plenty of options that best fit their needs.

The team of experts includes sixteen talented and passionate designers that will work across several residential projects in the UAE to enhance homes and the interiors for many.

The newly launched Design Studio was a long time coming, as noted by Lama Al Awa, the head of Interior Design and Design Studio Manager at Al Huzaifa, after the luxury brand’s clientele continued to expand.

“As the love for bespoke services grew and the brand’s clientele base expanded, the brand saw an imperative need to scale up its offering through a unique and ultra-specialised service that answers the community’s need for specific sizes, larger pieces, and distinctive tastes,” she explained.

Al Huzaifa Furniture

The homegrown interiors brand has studied the market for years and understood the importance for its clientele to express their vision through a story and individuality.

Launched at a no better time than now, the new year is an excellent time to start fresh. With quality assurance at its helm, smart technology ensures that innovation lies at its core.

From antique revival to embracing a rich modern palette, the concept ensures each design is unique, with clean slate finishes and functional elements that are beautifully incorporated.

Al Huzaifa Furniture

Design Studio is located on Al Wasl Road, Al Safa 1 and expands across 8,565 square feet for all those who wish to co-create their personalised space.

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