Adventure is always on top of my list when I book a holiday. There’s nothing better than going to a brand new city and discovering all it has to offer. So, when summer was ticking away I decided a mini break was in order.

My best friend in London and I decided to meet in the middle and Berlin was the perfect choice. It has history, a buzzing fashion scene and an illustrious nightlife. We booked our tickets and bought our guidebooks, ready to get started….

1.Fotor0917134437 The best thing about Berlin is being able to walk almost anywhere. Although public transport is amazing, what better way to learn about a city than to pound the streets? In one (overly ambitious) day we managed to visit the top sites including The Reichstag, The Brandenburg Bridge and Checkpoint Charlie – obviously all Second World War reference points.

1.Fotor0917133258 Having researched all the best places to visit two names kept popping up in our search: Cookies Cream and Chipps. Having printed off directions for Cookies Cream we dubiously walked down a back alley. If you weren’t looking for it you would never find it, the only clue being a massive chandelier hanging from the industrial roof. Buzzing the doorbell we entered and experienced an avant-garde take on fresh ingredients, some of the best food I’ve ever had.

1.Fotor0917120914 A stop at their sister chain, Chipps, was next on our agenda and lets just say it did not disappoint!

1.Fotor0917120516 Flea markets are huge in Berlin with people flocking in their droves to hunt for antiques, clothes and everything in-between every Sunday. We spent the day strolling around admiring the graffiti, which seems to cover almost every wall in Berlin, and trying not be tempted by some interesting buys (yes, I’m talking about a bright green python leather jacket).

Berlin is a city where old and new live in fabulous unison and where adventure is around every corner.