Have you been transfixed by the beauty and fashion being showcased at Cannes Film Festival? Join the club… One of the looks that caught our eye was Bella Hadid’s, and we were even more excited that a local beauty brand was behind it. 

Hair stylist to the stars Jen Atkin, who was recently in Dubai, created Bella Hadid’s Cannes Film Festival beauty look with the help of EIDEAL, the UAE-based hair tool company.

Here, Angel Montague-Sayers, Brand Ambassador at EIDEAL, reveals how to create the look yourself:

bella hadid cannes

  • Start by applying some mousse into your hair and blow-dry this in using an EIDEAL round wooden brush (this completely smooths the cuticle for incredible shine).
  • Once the hair is dry use the EIDEAL Diamonsilk irons for poker straight ends and a glossy finish.
  • Divide your hair into two sections from ear to ear over the crown. Clip the front section away.
  • Using a soft brush (I recommend using the Soft Bamboo Paddle Brush by EIDEAL). Spritz some hairspray directly onto the bristles and gather the section into a high-ponytail in the centre.
  • Secure this with elastic (to avoid lumps and bumps; place two grips either side of your bobble, pin one grip into the ponytail then wrap the other around and grip in).
bella hadid cannes

Detail shot of Bella Hadid’s Cannes hairstyle

  • Once you are happy with this, move onto the front section. (I always do two ponytails and join them together so the tension is the same at the front and the back and it’s easier to control when doing yourself).
  • Re-spray your brush with hairspray and gather all your hair to the back ponytail, ensure this is smooth then join together.
  • To remove any lumps, use a hair pin and gently glide this through the underneath which will make them disappear completely.
  • Take a two-inch section of hair from the ponytail and spray with hairspray. Brush this through then wrap around the base.
  • To secure place a grip or two underneath. For extra hold spray each grip with hairspray so it really sticks.
  • To finish apply a ‘wet’ hair spray around the front and use the low speed setting on your hairdryer to set this in. Apply a little oil to the ends for serious shimmer.

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The tool kit: EIDEAL Diamonsilk irons, Soft Bamboo Paddle Brush, EIDEAL round wooden brush


Images: Getty and Supplied