My moon and stars

Now that your Ramadan wardrobe is in good shape thanks to our fashion guideit’s time to turn to something sparkly.

Beirut-based jewellery designer Selim Mouzannar brings his love for Art Deco and Ottoman architecture to his unique creations that are frequently inspired by the ocean, stars and open air.

Mainly working with a colourful array of gems that are rose-cut to enhance their radiance and create a warm glow, his elaborate star-shaped pendants and floral drop earrings catch the eye and leave a lasting impression.


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Mouzannar’s love for jewellery began with childhood trips to the Gold Souk in Beirut and watching his father work, hence many of his collection pay homage to his heritage. He studied mineralogy in France and Belgium and was then hired by a renowned jewellery group to manage its workshops in Saudi Arabia. Afterward, he went to Thailand to explore ruby mines near the Burmese border.

“Mouzannar likes to confront the past with the present, which is why his jewellery represent a heritage in perpetual movement. The rosette motifs in the Beirut collection fade in infinite combinations thanks to the poeticism of the ancient sized diamonds (Falamenk, known as Flemish size), while the chiseled stars of Istanbul are set in explosive coloured stones,” read a statement on his website.

A new collection always begins with love at first sight. His pieces are dictated to him by light, colour and movement, which evoke his oriental Mediterranean, night-time in Beirut, and the green forests of his country.


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This season he was inspired by the white of the summits of Mount Lebanon in winter and chose to use pearls of the South Sea in the collection. He also plays with black and white and colour, stones and pearls, enamel and gold, the wonderful fish of the Mediterranean and the stars of an oriental night.

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