beauty Q&A

Beauty Q&A: Our Beauty Ed Samantha Hamilton-Rushforth sets the record straight on what skin, scent and sun care hits you need to be stocking up on this summer…

Q.) My teenage daughter keeps using my Alien by Thierry Mugler perfume. I want to buy her a cheaper scent as a gift, what ingredients should I look for that will give her a similar smell?

A.) I will state, for the record, that nothing really comes close to the iconic smell of Alien, but I do totally understand your desire to keep that star-shaped little bottle all to yourself. The most recognisable notes in the fragrance are vanilla, sandalwood and white musk so look for a formula that puts these three in their top or middle notes. An easy-on-the-nose and easy-on-the-purse blend that combines all these is Pink Chiffon by Bath & Body Works.



Pink Chiffon Eau de Toilette Dhs140 Bath and Body Works


Q.) I’m about to make a very pricey purchase and rebuy my usual Crème de la Mer face cream. Do they have any new products on the market I should be upgrading to?

A.)  The luxe label is launching a great initiative to commemorate World Oceans Day, with a new limited-edition design in aid of various ocean conservation projects, available from July 2014. La Mer’s founder, Dr. Max Huber, pioneered the use of sea kelp in the cream and has always been an advocate for ocean protection. Today, in a tribute to his legacy, La Mer continues to help support the natural habitat of this special sea plant by only using sea kelp that has been sustainably hand harvested. Great for your skin and your conscience it’s definitely a jar worth buying.



Limited Edition Crème de la Mer Dhs2,151


Q.) I’m working hard on getting a little bit of a tan before I visit relatives in the UK this summer, what can I do to make my colour last longer?

A.) First of all just a quick reminder that excessive sun exposure can lead to premature ageing and skin cancers, amongst other ailments, but if you’re being safe in the sun (face covered in high SPF) then I would suggest keeping up your colour with a rich in-shower moisturiser like Nivea’s after sun lotion. It contains aloe vera to cool and treat as well as locking in moisture and, therefore, your tan.



In-Shower Refreshing After Sun Lotion Dhs25 Nivea