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From influential bloggers to entertaining vloggers and stylish insta-glammers, we bring you the people you need to follow online and on social media. This week allow us to introduce curly haired beauty expert Alyssa Wallace of Alyssa Forever.

Who is she?

Her signature look may be tight, stylish curls, and boy she certainly does them well, however, there’s so much more than curlers and tongs in Alyssa’s beauty repertoire. In fact, Alyssa’s handy advice, tips and videos, which she vlogs about on her YouTube channel, are so popular that she was recently voted the best Beauty Blogger Awards 2014 category by Allure magazine.

alyssa forever

Not a bad accolade for someone who only started vlogging last June after posting a picture of her perfectly defined curls on Instagram.

“People were like, ‘We need to know how you did that!’” she told Allure. “It’s easier to make a video, so I filmed myself creating the hairstyle. A couple months later, I realised I had reached a million views.”

The below beauty tutorial has received over 3 million hit:

Alyssa’s instant success saw her quit her job at a retirement community in Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA and taking to vlogging full-time. “I taught myself. I didn’t know the first thing about hair a year or two ago,” she said. “I just want to show everyone that they can learn and do their own makeup or hair, too.”

Learn some tips and tricks from her vlogs, here 

Why follow Alyssa?

Her tips are ideal for anyone who is fed up with their usual looks an dis looking for some fresh and achievable inspiration.

alyssa forever

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