From the hottest nail shades in New York to the collagen-infused foods in Tokyo and the strange shampoo that’s got Aussies going crazy, it’s not just fashion trends that vary worldwide. Each week, we’ll be introducing the woman’s guide to beauty by the city she lives in. 

This week it’s the always-chic Parisian…



1. Body Lift Cellulite Control Dhs280 Clarins, The Dubai Mall | 2. Botanical D-Tox Dhs815 Sisley at Galleries Lafayette | 3. DiorBlush Cheek Creme In Capri Dhs149 at Harvey Nichols, Mall of the Emirates

She’s a…classic beauty. She’s always ‘done’ but not in an obvious or overt way. Her hair is lightly coiffed and make-up is kept natural; a light sweep of foundation, a whisper of pink blusher and a hint of mascara. Skincare is where her true beauty loyalty lies. Products that hydrate skin, soften wrinkles, but don’t eradicate them, are key and cellulite is a serious non-non for a St Tropez summer, so lotions that sculpt a bikini body are priceless. Love of perfume is in the DNA and scents made in Grasse in the South of France are the only perfumes a true Frenchwoman wears.

The ‘French Lift’ is a less invasive face-lift. Created by French cosmetic surgeon Peter Cumbo, small incisions are made around the cheeks, eyes and mouth and the skin is lifted and smoothed, all under a local anaesthetic. The natural looking results last five years.