Introducing the latest revolutionary products that will have you breezing through beach days without so much as breaking a sweat.

Living in a sunshine capital means having to be beach-ready at a moment’s notice, making perennial grooming a necessity. From tanning to tweezing, war paint to nail paint, we’ve scoured the beauty halls for the latest high-tech formulas dedicated to turn any un-groomed gal into a speedboat belle in record time.

These six beauty breakthroughs surpassed all of our expectations, earning a well-deserved place in our Kate Spade beach basket.


1. The Nail Files

A combination of saltwater, sand and sunshine can dull perfectly polished nails faster than you can say pass the sunscreen. Move over Shellac and Gelish, there’s a new long-lasting polish on the beauty block that doesn’t require a posse of nail technicians to apply. Vinylux Weekly Polish (Dhs50) by CND uses patent-pending ProLight technology, meaning the unique top coat (that dries in eight minutes) toughens when exposed to natural light, leaving you with chip-free fingertips and toes for one whole week. Enough said.

2. Lash Confidential

Ask any woman about her must-have desert island beauty products and mascara will always be near the top of the list. Ask the same woman what the biggest bugbear of her beauty regime is and battling smudging, flaking mascara will top the poll. Thankfully, Max Factor have done the unthinkable by formulating a three-day mascara to the delight of women globally. The Lashfinity 3 Day Mascara (Dhs107) gives 72 hours of shower, chlorine and sleep-proof lashes. It’s all thanks to the PermaHold technology that binds the tint to the lashes for superior staying power. This is one magic wand that’s broken beauty boundaries, with waiting lists as long as an airport runway. Keep your elbows sharpened for its arrival on our shores at Boots.

3. Sunscreen SOS

We’re all too aware of the harmful effects the sun’s UVA/UVB rays can have on our skin – hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and, in serious cases, the Big C. Avoiding the sun completely is impractical in our summery region, so SPF is a common answer – but it can send our pores into a panic. Take control of your face and minimise the chance of a breakout with Chanel’s UV Essential Daily UV Care Multi Protection Anti-Pollution SPF50 (Dhs242). Although lightweight in texture, this clever lotion is a powerhouse in protection. The unique shielding complex creates a barrier, protecting the skin’s surface from heat damage. Better still, this grease-free lotion is non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog your pores or lead to a post-beach breakout.

4. Fight The Fuzz

Any beauty maven worth her clout will have her favourite waxing pro on speed dial. But those in the inner circle have stepped it up a notch, turning to The Kaya Painless Laser (from Dhs250 to say goodbye to unwanted hair. The laser uses In-Motion Technology targeting hair right at the follicle and weakening it. After just six sessions your limbs are left spike free. With an inbuilt cooling system, this laser is in a league of its own, making depilatory dates a delight rather than a dread.

5. Eyes On The Prize

The delicate skin around our eye area calls for some additional attention when it comes to defying the sun’s rays and deterring the ticking clock. With this in mind, Dermalogica have developed their Total Eye Care cream with SPF15 (Dhs209). This clever product uses lactic acid for resurfacing, bisabolol, hydrocotyl and spirea extracts to target fine lines and reduce puffiness, while the non-chemical sunscreen defends the area from sun damage. We suggest keeping it in the fridge for a wake-me-up shot of hydration every morning.

6. Gleam Team

If you’ve ever wondered how Victoria’s Secret models look über flawless when shooting campaigns on the beach, it’s all down to high-definition skin, courtesy of all-over body make-up. Fashion house Givenchy have conjured up the Givenchy Croisèire Reflet Précieux Satiny Body Enhancer (Dhs200). Its densely concentrated pearlescent particles play tricks with the light, creating a flawless ‘wet look’ gleam. Keep this product close at hand for the ‘I just came back from St Barts’ glow.


Images: 123rf Main image photographed by Louis Christopher and styled by Sarah Joan Ross