If you are looking for a little more muscle behind your skincare, then Radical is the brand for you. 

Sisters Liz and Rachel Edlich have created a line of potent potions to help them on their quest for beautiful skin.

With their father Dr Richard F Edlich a globally renowned plastic surgeon, the sisters dabbled in the science laboratory well before the creation of their Radical Skincare line.


With the best in science available to them, the Edlich sisters wanted anti-ageing elixirs that spared no cost.

EW’s Beauty Editor Elizabeth had some one-on–one time with Liz when she visited Dubai to talk about how their scientific formulas can halt the ticking clock.

The story:

“My sister and I got to a certain age and both looked in the mirror and said what’s happening? Both time and lifestyle take a toll on our skin and, frankly, ageing is real! I had developed a bout of adult acne and my sister, Rachel, had a serious case of rosacea. It was then that we decided to consult the best in the business to create a solution for us.”

From bathroom cabinets to a global level:

“From the very beginning our friends (including none other than Melanie Griffith) noticed our radical results and asked to try our concoction. So, initially our brand just grew through word of mouth. They too were getting radical results through the antioxidant-packed formulas. That’s when we decided to package the product and sell it for others to enjoy.”

The goal:

“This was a choice, a mission and a gift. We did this for us and we wanted results. This is more than skincare – we wanted to make a difference and be ordinary women that could do the extraordinary.” 



Hydrating Cleanser Dhs165 Radical Skincare  | Age-Defying Exfoliating Pads Dhs350 Radical Skincare | Anti-Aging Restorative Moisturizer Dhs550 Radical Skincare

Products are available at Harvey Nichols, Mall Of The Emirates