What’s on your lunch menu today? Well at the beauty desk in EW HQ it’s a new anti-ageing potion called Ocóo…


We’ve just had a delivery of the new anti-oxidant treat and we’re now just a few low-calorie sips (48 calories per bottle to be precise) away from upping the beauty ante.

Why is this little elixir making waves in the inner beauty circle? We hear you ask.

A team of nutritionists, scientists and dermatologists concocted this powerful berry punch, with Zinc and Selenium and Vitamin C to tackle ageing, Niacin to promote clear skin, and Biotin for healthy hair. Along with a cocktail of cranberry, pomegranate, grape, blackcurrant and acai to make it a anti-oxidant powerhouse.

As they say beauty comes from within, we must give it a go!

Ocóo Dhs49 per bottle, available at Galleries Lafayette, The Dubai Mall.