Nothing beats the allure of a pretty pastel-coloured scent, EW pick three of our new favourites.


1. Aqua Allegoria Nerolia Bianca Dhs410 Guerlain at Faces

What they say: The perfumer Thierry Wasser wanted to emulate the true scent of a bitter orange tree. With orange blossom, bitter orange and Neroli this is a true citrus head-spinning scent.

What we say: The latest edition of this iconic line of fragrances from Guerlain is a delicate treat that ought to take pride of place in your powder room.

Prada-2. L’Eau D’Iris Dhs455 Prada at Bloomingdale’s, The Dubai Mall

What they say: “A fresh green Moroccan Mint bouquet unveils a dewy rosy floral heart, delicately dashed by powdery Pink Laurel. The dry down reveals the unique signature of Infusion d’Iris, with its tender musky Iris facets.” Daniela Andrier, perfumer.

What we say: Mist on this powdery scent and let it take you to the Iris gardens of Tuscany- just dreamy.

JoMalone_SugarSpice_Produ-copy3. Lemon Tart Cologne Dhs316 Jo Malone at Jo Malone, Mall Of The Emirates

What they say: Tangy like a lemon tart with a hint of spice (thanks to the lemon thyme and verbena) makes this a mouth-watering scent.

What we say: Wow, instant pick-me-up potential. Keep this box clutch sized scent close to hand to keep you refreshed on long summer days.