Elemis have launched a new skincare line to target teens called freshskin and we are dying to know all about it, so here goes…

Every week at EW HQ, our desks our flooded with the latest in anti-aging skincare, from scientific serums to wrinkle-busting eye creams. In fact, we receive so many lotions and potions, we could open a beauty boutique. It’s our job to test it all, weeding out the bad and reporting back with what actually works – a role we take very seriously!

We’re all about anti-ageing, wonder products team EW are always on the lookout for something new, so we welcomed Elemis’s latest line, freshskin, with open arms.

freshskin is specifically created for teenagers in mind, through to those in their late twenties. The line, that includes a purifying face wash, treatment gel and overnight serum, targets a multitude of woes, including problem oily and blemish prone pores, brighten and boost moisture without being too heavy for young skin.

The Dreamy Sleep Nighttime Moisturiser is one of the standout products -packed with replenishing and balancing ingredients – barley, blackcurrant oil and geranium – apply this lavender scented cream before bed and wake up to hydrated, glowing skin.

Our verdict: At last, a super moisturising night cream that doesn’t make us break out. Success!

 Dreamy-SleepThe Dreamy Sleep Nighttime Moisturiser Dhs155 for 50ml Elemis

Available at elemis.ae 


Image: lifeaficionada.tumblr.com