Heavy Oud is out, and we are  all about this light, floral fancy for the season ahead.

When this beautiful bottle of scent arrived on our desks, yelps of joy went around the office. Why? Because you just don’t get a fragrance more luxurious and indulgent than a Acqua Di Parma.

Their latest scent Iris, is just as special as any other we’ve tried by the heritage fragrance company and we’ve tried a few.

Iris, inspired by Italian Gardens, joins Acqua Di Parma’s Acque Nobili collection, which also includes Magnolia and Gelsomino.

A delicate dose of Iris is the heart of this summery scent. Once fused with notes of mandarin, grapefruit and Violet, it becomes bright, fresh and floral – all that we desire this season,

Dhs605 Acqua Di Parma at Bloomindale’s Dubai (04) 3505333