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Beauty Editor Samantha Hamilton-Rushforth is on hand to help you pick the perfect presents and hide those dreaded pimples… 

Q.) I’ve just dyed my hair red for the first time and I’m noticing that every time I wash it the colour fades significantly, how can I stop it helping so quickly?

A.)  If you have dyed hair I would always recommend using products that are specifically geared to treat colour. However, even excessive washing with these products can mean your locks fade a lot faster than you would like them to. Try to wash your hair every three days if you can and maintain freshness with a good dry shampoo. If you’re still loosing colour too quickly replace your hair care products with a kids shampoo, they contain less stripping agents and will help the dye stick to your strands for longer. I recommend Awesome Annie Shampoo Dhs22 Shampooheads


By using Awesome Annie Shampoo by Shampooheads you can maintain your colour and sheen for longer


Q.) I’m going to a birthday party next week for a friend of a friend and I want to take a small gift but I have no idea what her beauty preferences are. Help!

A.) When it comes to beauty I don’t usually say that one cream fits all but the Dream Cream from Lush is a very special exception. A mild moisturiser for the face and body it’s a friend to sensitive skin with a very light smell, every woman should own a jar.

Dream Cream Dhs130 Lush

Dream Cream Dhs130 Lush


Q.) This humid weather is really starting to affect my skin. How can I cover a break out and treat it at the same time, it seems impossible!

A.) It’s so tricky to cover a blemish without reigniting the redness again but Estee Lauder’s new Clear Difference Complexion BB Crème is a great multitasker that effectively handles both. The oil-free formula evens out skin tone whilst colour-correcting pigments instantly neutralise redness and help conceal blemish marks so you get the best of both worlds. 

Clear Difference Complexion Perfecting BB Crème SPF 35 Dhs225 Estee Lauder

Clear Difference Complexion Perfecting BB Crème SPF 35 Dhs225 Estee Lauder


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