Beauty Q&A 9th November 14 Hand-Spa


Fear not, Beauty Editor Samantha Hamilton-Rushforth is here to answer your pressing questions about autumn/winter 2014 trends, dewy skin and perfect hand creams…

Q.) Am I the only woman who can’t pull off dewy skin? It just ends up looking greasy!

A.) I know that gorgeous, glowing skin is the current foundation finish to covet but the reality is, in our climate you can just end up looking sweaty rather than stylish. One of the most popular finishes at the moment is a flat and matte look which suits our desert climes much better. Use a light-to-medium coverage foundation as your base and add a lightweight powder over the face to seal. No blotting papers required.

Silk Edition Foundation Dhs74 Bourjois

Silk Edition Foundation Dhs74 Bourjois


Q.) I’m starting my new job next week and I want to take a few beauty essentials with me to keep in my top drawer, aside from dry shampoo and a mirror, what should I take?

A.) Hand cream! Every single desk at EW HQ has at least one bottle on it and we scramble for samples when they come into the office. Currently perched by my keyboard is the Hand Spa Lotion by Alessandro. Packed with brightening pearl extracts and nourishing macadamia oil it keeps my mitts looking and smelling fabulous. Plus, using a hand cream daily will keep your nail beds strong so your polish will last a lot longer.

Soothing Hand Cream Dhs80 Alessandro

Soothing Hand Cream Dhs80 Alessandro


Q.) I’d love to emulate the sparkly winged eyes Desigual were showing on the autumn/winter 2014 runways, what’s my first step?

A.) When it comes to a complicated eye look the key is in the base. Your lids are oilier than the rest of the eye area so they need to be mattified in order to hold any creams and shadows. Start with a neutralising cream that will create an optimal canvas for your glittery shadows and work with a cream or liquid colour first before adding powder. Finish with a make-up sealing spray and your look should stay put all night.

Beauty Q&A 9th November 14

Main image: Desigual; Eyeshadow Base Dhs32 NYX at BeautyBay


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Main Image: Hand!Spa