Samantha Hamilton-Rushforth brings you new surgeries, scents for fussy noses and a gift for the guys…

 Q.) I absolutely don’t want to have plastic surgery but I’ve been trying Botox for two years and it’s lifting and wrinkle-smoothing effects are not as impressive on my skin anymore. What’s the next stepping-stone?

A.) I think you might be interested in a thread facelift. It’s a minimally invasive facelift technique used to lift and tighten sagging tissue in the face and neck. The procedure uses specialised fine threads, made of suture material, which are inserted into the subcutaneous fat just beneath the skin through small incisions made in targeted areas with a very fine needle to lift tissue and muscle to improve and smoothen out the skin texture giving it a more youthful look. The procedure requires local anesthesia and is usually preformed within an hour. The results are generally subtle, and not as drastic as a facelift, but still create a noticeable lift. Visit for details.


Q.) My husband is taking part in Movember next month – growing out his beard for charity. I’d like to get him a little gift to support him, where can I get a stylish men’s grooming kit?

A.)  Tweezerman have actually just launched their G.E.A.R range specifically in support of that cause, the range consists of precision grooming tools specifically designed for men, and includes deluxe shaving brushes, precision grip clippers and trimming scissors. Mix and match the tools you think would suit him best or buy the whole kit and keep any extras as a stocking filler for the festive season!

G.E.A.R by Tweezerman available at Harvey Nichols

G.E.A.R by Tweezerman available at Harvey Nichols


Q.) I’m looking for a chic, classic scent to give my mother-in-law as a gift when she comes to visit this month, should I head straight to Jo Malone?

A.)  In a word, yes. One of their latest launches, Wood, Sage and Sea Salt would be ideal, the range comes with a 30ml perfume, 100ml perfume, body moisturiser and candle so you pick and choose what you think she would like (and perhaps how much you want to spend!) Unfussy, clean and very light on the nose I promise you there’s no way she won’t love it.

Wood Sage & Sea Salt 100ml Dhs590 Jo Malone

Wood Sage & Sea Salt 100ml Dhs590 Jo Malone

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Main image: Dion Lee for M.A.C