Bourjois Rouge Edition 12HR - model shot

From new season beauty rules to the easiest and quickest facial in the emirates, Beauty Editor Samantha answer all your pressing beauty questions…

Q.) New season, new beauty rules, I want to spice up my day-to-day look with some fun colours, where do I start?

A.)  I would recommend you make some serious space in your make-up kit and head straight to the nearest M.A.C counter. The cosmetic giants have just launched their collaboration with wild mother-daughter duo Kelly and Sharon Osbourne and the results are bold to say the least! Pick up a few of their eyeshadow quads palettes that team neutral shades with a sharp highlighter colour or let your lips do all the talking with a striking purple pout.

kelly osbourne MAC

Kelly and Sharon Osbourne for M.A.C prices from Dhs40


Q.) I don’t have time to book in for a facial but I really want to get that refreshed, just-out-the-spa skin at home, what products can I use?

A.) There’s a great line called Clayspray that’s just arrived in the UAE, and I think it would be perfect for you. It uses the healing and refining properties of clay to improve the skin’s texture with one quick spritz. They use only one per cent of the clay they harvest to ensure you’ve got the finest ingredients in the can enhanced with healing ingredients including mineral water and aloe vera. Think of it as a skin-saving spa experience in a can…

Clayspray 'glow' exclusively @ Bloomingdale's-Dubai AED 210 (1)

Glow Red Clay with Cacao Dhs210 Clayspray at Bloomingdale’s


Q.) I’ve honestly tried blotting my lips, applying two coats of lipstick and sealing my mouth with a make-up fixant but I just can’t get my red lipstick to stay put on a night out. Is it a hopeless quest?

A.)  Absolutely not! The first step you need to take is to make sure you’re lips are free from any dead skin so you have a smooth canvas to paint on. Next fill in the area with a lip pencil that is one shade darker than your desired colour, this will add to the intensity. Finally, pick a formula with ingredients that are proven to stick it out for the long haul like the new Bourjois Rouge Edition 12 Hour Range.

Bourjois Rouge Edition 12HR - model shot

Bourjois Rouge Edition 12HR Dhs75

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