Nail art is at top of the beauty It list this season. We’ve seen everything from 3D embellishments to life portraits etched onto the nails of the rich, famous and creatively inclined. Without our very own Sophy Robson (manicurist the stars) to hand, we’ve found a more affordable and attainable way to get that must-have mani.

Enter Ciaté’s Caviar Manicure,  a easy DIY kit for 3D nails containing a base paint and small colourful pearl beads, with the promise of fingertips to boast about. Of course EW put it to the test.




Step 1:

Working on one nail at a time, apply two coats of Ciaté paint in your favourite shade, we chose Cotton Candy

Step 2:

With your finger over the supplied tray sprinkle on the caviar pearls ensuring the nail paint is still wet.

Step 3:

Once fully covered, gently press down on the pearls to ensure durability.


Step 4:

Use the mini funnel to put the caviar pearls back into the bottle ready to use next time.

Step 5:

Once finished allow 15-20 minutes for your nails to completely dry.

Step 6:

Finally check out your handy work and show off your caviar-manicured nails!



Unexpectedly, the process was super simple and allows for small mistakes when painting the nail.

The only thing you have to watch out for is painting enough polish on the nail and ensuring it doesn’t dry, as if dry the pearls won’t stick. Although a few pearls did drop off, the manicure stayed intact for a good few days and was easy enough to remove.

Visit Ciate for more information

Dhs145 available at Sephora’s across the region