We can say with absolute confidence that we know a great mascara when we find one. Why? Because we’ve tried them all and usually before they’ve even hit shelves. 

If the latest tube on the market promises conditioning definition, long voluminous shutters or thick bambi-like lashes, we’re the first to give it a go. So when three of our favourite brands launched their latest lash innovators, we put them head to head to see who came out fluttering.

1. L’Oreal’s Volume Million Lashes Excess


Promises: Their biggest ever Millionizer brush means no overload and no clumps. Separating the lashes to create dramatic volume the anti-clump wiper removes any surplus mascara. The wand itself, due to its shape, means lashes are held in a fanned out effect. With both long and short bristles it means each coat catches every lash from root to tip.

Results: 9/10 – It fannned out the lashes, creating the illusion of bigger eyes. We loved the over-sized fluffy brush which, as promised coated every single lash right from root to tip.

Price: Dhs90

2. Rimmel’s Lash Accelerator Endless


Promises: Limitless length that stretches lashes with a micro-fibre formula and lash-catching brush. Lashes will appear instantly 99% longer whilst the Keratin and antioxidants condition the lashes each day strengthening and enhancing their natural growth. In just 30 days lashes should appear up to 127% longer.

Results: 8/10 – After just one swipe they visibly lengthened. Four coats later and we were in love. At lunchtime, a stranger asked if we were wearing false lashes – Success!

Price: Dhs52


3. Maxfactor’s Clump Defy Volumising Mascara


Promises: Promising 200% more volume versus your bare lashes with 0% clumps. This is the first Max Factor clump free brush, designed to hug the lashes loading them up with product for extra volume. You can also top up your base at the end of the day because with the absence of clumps it means your working on a ‘clean’ surface.

Results: 7/10 – This gave the most natural effect, ideal for everyday wear. Bonus, there was no flaking!

Price: Dhs77