In our opinion red lipstick isn’t just for the winter months, go vampy with our guide on to how to channel your inner vixen using Gucci cosmetics.


The bold pout and bare eye partnership debuted on the Gucci catwalk back in 2009 and has been our go-to glam look ever since. This day-to-night power pairing is the way to look feminine and luxe with the try-hard effect.




  • Always prep your skin by cleansing, toning and moisturising.
  • Using your fingertips, apply a pea-sized amount of primer on your forehead, nose, cheeks and chin.
  • With a foundation brush apply a light covering of foundation for a flawless finish. Using finger tips pat on more foundation on the cheekbones to heighten luminosity.
  • Dab on luminous concealer to disguise blemishes and imperfections. For dark circles under eyes apply three dots of concealer to the under eye area blending with a tapping motion so as not to remove too much product.
  • Before bronzer, set your foundation with a dusting of finishing powder.
  • Lastly, sculpt your face with Gucci’s Glow Bronzer


  • Sweep the C shade of the Gucci Magentic Colour Shadow Quad in Tuscan storm onto the lid, crease and under eye.
  •  Highlight brow bone and inner corners using A shade of the Gucci Magentic Colour Shadow Quad in Tuscan storm.


  • Trace the outline of the mouth with a lip pencil in Lush and fill in the lips with a lip pencil in Imperial Red.
  • The achieve this look we use two layers of lipsticks. Firstly, use the sharp edge of Audacious Colour Intense Lipstick in Dark Romance toward the outside and fill in the middle in the middle with the same lipstick in Iconic red.



Face: Silk Priming SerumDhs191, Lustrous Glow Foundation Dhs260 Luminous Perfecting Concealer Dhs161.61, Luxe Finishing Powder Dhs202 Golden Glow Bronzer in Oriental Sienna Dhs216.17

Eyes: Magnetic Color Shadow Quad in Tuscan Storm Dhs239, Opulent Volume Mascara in Iconic Black Dhs121

Lips: Sleek Contouring Lip Pencil in Lush Maroon and Imperial Red Dhs117.50, Audacious Color-Intense Lipstick in Dark Romance and Iconic Red Dhs143

Nail: Bold High-Gloss Lacquer in Sinful Blush Dhs106.5

Gucci Cosmetics available at beauty counters at Harvey Nichols Dubai and Paris Gallery

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 Style Director Jade Sprowson │Photographer Norbert Kniat │ Model Basia at MMG Models │ Make-Up Kate Goodwin at Illumin8 │Hair Manuel Losada │Nails The Nail Spa