With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, many of you are looking for that perfect scent, but choosing the right notes is a serious decision – it can make the difference between alluring and overpowering. Here are our top five picks to get you inspired.



1. Un Bois Vanille Dhs477 Serge Lutens at net-a-porter.com

Ingredients like liquorice, coconut milk and caramelized vanilla make this delicious perfume smell better than a Michelin star dessert.

2. Lemon By Mary Greenwell Dhs367 at net-a-porter.com  

Holding unexpected notes of Amber and Tonka Bean at its base, this aromatic fragrance leaves a pleasantly sunny wake.

3. California Reverie Dhs499 Van Cleef & Arpels

This luxurious bottle is bursting with raw ingredients including fresh Mandarin oranges, beeswax and vanilla essence.

4. Iris 39 Dhs1,100 Le Labo at Paris Gallery

A chipper floral concoction that’s heavy on its namesake, Iris 39 also features gourmet notes of lime, cardamom and ginger.

5. Wood Sage & Sea Salt Dhs590 Jo Malone

Fresh, sophisticated and definitely memorable it’s the raw notes of sage, grapefruit and salt that instantly won us over.