Beauty oils at the ready, this summer we’re going oil slick 

In the Dubai heat, nothing seems more unnatural than saturating ourselves with copious amounts of oil. Oil-laden formulas were once the preserve of lounge lizard types working on their George Hamilton tans (the less said about that the better), but now they’re making a comeback.

On the skincare front, up until recently there has been a tendency towards oil-stripping formulas. However overuse can leave skin feeling tight, increasingly dry and super sensitive. What’s worse is that to combat the dryness from overuse, our skin goes into overdrive, producing more sebum to keep skin at its normal level of moisture.

So when it comes to slathering oil on our hair, body and faces, is there a method to the madness? Yes, there is. The beauty world started its recent flirtation with Moroccan oil, prior to moving swiftly on to argan oil – both of which have paved the way for a new breed of super oils, each of which celebrates the power of flowers.

Bobbi Brown recently launched their Soothing Cleansing Oil (Dhs205). This magic formula removes all impurities and make-up in one sweep. Infused with jasmine, it also calms even the most sensitive of skins. For a new level of nourishment, the Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil (Dhs206) gets a gold star. With its bouquet of ingredients including rosewood, patchouli and blue orchid, this delicious product is the perfect remedy for dehydrated skin.

Victoria Beckham made it clear she is an oil fan when she let us have a peek at her beauty regimen by tweeting that she swears by the Japanese Camellia Oil Blend by Elemis (Dhs225): “Pregnancy tip!!!! I have used this through every pregnancy, it’s amazing!! X VB.” Cue the stampede at Elemis counters everywhere. It’s a plant collagen that helps the skin become more elastic and staves away dreaded stretch marks. A great tip is to massage it into your cuticles for strong and healthy talons.

Another cult beauty product featuring camellia oil is Huile Prodigieuse by Nuxe (Dhs172) This multi-usage dry oil (for the face, body and hair) is unique, as it won’t leave any trace of grease on the skin.

A set of glossy locks comes top of most women’s beauty wanted list. It’s fair to say that our tresses suffer a battering on these shores. With saltwater and sunlight the worst offenders, no beach belle ought to leave home without the Kiehl’s Colour-Protect Shine Infusing Hair Oil Treatment (Dhs135). Saturate hair with this antioxidant-packed treat –the sunflower and apricot oil help restore stressed-out strands to their former glory.

If you’re feeling brave enough, give these ‘good oils’ a go. You’ll see that it’s certainly time for a change in beauty ideology. Repeat after me: “Oil is not always the enemy.”zzEW-top-picks

1. Colour-Protect Shine Infusing Hair Oil Treatment (Dhs135) Kiehl’s

2. Huile Prodigieuse (Dhs172) Nuxe

3. Japanese Camellia Oil Blend (Dhs225) Elemis

4. Soothing Cleansing Oil (Dhs205) Bobbi Brown

5. Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil (Dhs206) Clarins


Image: Photographer Tina Chang, Style Director Sarah Joan Ross