In trying times, there are many who come to the forefront to spread positivity and hope to others.

One beauty brand has taken it upon themselves to do just that to their loyal community refunding a jaw-dropping bulk amount to customers.

Last month bgX, a global beauty app delivering beauty products right to your door, refunded Dhs300,000 to customers who purchased items between the main COVID-19 lockdown period from February 1 to April 13.

It was all part of their #PayItForward campaign, which refunded participating customers the amount for products during the above timeframe.



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This campaign is part of a wider initiative to encourage participants to use their refunded money to spread the act of kindness beyond themselves, whether that is paying for someones coffee or sending your friend some flowers.

“We have all been through a very difficult time in the past few months. We hope by this simple act of giving
with our #payitforward campaign we can start putting smiles on faces, as well as offering a sincere thank
you for your loyalty and trust to our customers,” Ali Rafi, CEO of bgX, said of the campaign.

“To date, we have refunded a total of Dhs300,000 dirhams to our customers and hope they continue to extend this gesture of kindness to a member of their community by paying it forward.”

Whether you took part in the campaign or not, there’s something to take away from this to pay it forward in your own life…

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