Skin saviour

SPONSORED: Acne is part of growing up, but when it sticks around into adulthood, it can really knock your confidence and even push you to extreme treatments.

Those bumps might be hard to look at, but trust us when we say you’re not the only one who is struggling with the change in the oil chemistry that causes your skin to bloom past teenhood. Throw in a hectic lifestyle, change in diet and hormonal imbalances and you have yourself a perfect cocktail for breakouts.

There are numerous ways to start treating your complexion from the inside in, but you also have to address the top layers of the skin and this is where Dermalogica comes in. The celebrated brand recognises that our daily skincare routine has to keep up with our demanding schedule and has created a Active Clearing range to tackle those pesky spots.

Consisting of two new products, AGE Bright Clearing Serum and AGE Bright Spot Fader, these multitasking brightening and clearing formulas work on a whole new level to actively clear breakouts and restore radiance to prematurely-ageing skin. Both help accelerate skin cell renewal and keep the complexion clear of imperfections while also evening out the skin tone – all without drying out the skin making ideal for those with sensitivity.


NEW AGE Bright Clearing Serum

This is the one you use to prevent imperfections. The highly-concentrated serum exfoliates that in returns helps tackle breakouts (thanks to Salicylic Acid) while also accelerating cell renewal to help reduce signs of ageing. Phytoactives from Resurrection Plant hydrate and smooth the skin. Niacinamide works together with White Shitake mushroom to brighten and even out the skin.

AGE Bright Spot Fader

If you’re already struggling with spots don’t worry as AGE Bright Spot Fader works overtime to reduce the appearance of breakouts and also treats post-breakout marks. It also contains Salicylic Acid and Niacinamide, but they have also added Hexylresorcinol to further assist with minimising the markings on the skin by improving the skin tone. It also reduces visible skin ageing and prevent dryness.

Head to and Dermalogica Flagship Stores and say hello to clearer and healthier complexion. 

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