Creative director Bernd Kroeber weighs in on the brand’s winning designs

As someone who has been in the fashion industry for well over a decade how would you say the industry has evolved in terms of how we consume trends?

The fashion world has changed rapidly. Fashion became much more democratic with the turn over from the runway to the street. Today anyone can be part of a runway show from their sofa at home. Social media made the industry very transparent. Designers must react much faster, update and reinvent faster and be in constant communication with the consumer. I feel fashion has become much more inclusive and the customer is now a more involved partner and influencer in the evolution of trends.


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Do you think trends are an important part of the brand or do you prefer to stick to the BCBGMAXAZRIA DNA?

Our priority is to always honour our customers and the BCBGMAXAZRIA DNA. Every season we take her on a journey to make her discover new nuances of herself, where we introduce her to new trends interpreted into the world of BCBG.

How do you think BCBGMAXAZRIA empowers women to feel about themselves?

BCBGMAXAZRIA’s core philosophy is to empower women to feel confident and strong.  Therefore, our design philosophy has always been to create effortless styles which honours femininity.

The titles of each delivery within the collection focus on the idea of empowerment. How did these ideas come to light?

Nothing is more inspiring to me than a confident, courageous and authentic woman. To me, femininity is magic, and I always want to embrace and empower the natural strength within a woman. Reading biographies about strong, outstanding women has always been one of my biggest inspirations.

Middle Eastern women particularly love BCBGMAXAZRIA’s evening wear. What is it about the evening dresses that speak to this region?

BCBGMAXAZRIA embraces femininity, colour and one-of-a-kind pieces. The fit and construction of the design is flattering and empowering. Fabrics are unique and details are refined. Middle Eastern women embrace beauty and I feel BCBGMAXAZRIA is the perfect partner in making every occasion special.

After being with the brand for so long how do you keep yourself excited about each collection?

Next year will be BCBGMAXAZRIA’s 30-year anniversary. The heritage is so rich and dimensional. It is a magical playground. I am a storyteller and I love to take the BCBGMAXAZRIA woman on a different journey every season by reinterpreting the brand’s essentials and introducing her to new possibilities.

What is your view on fast fashion? Do you feel that the sustainability conversation is important?

People are turning away from fast fashion. Consumers are looking for meaningful fashion. My key focus to create outstanding designs which help build memories for the customer.  Consumers want to know what they are spending their money on and are much more conscious about the environment.

Have you ever been to Dubai or the Middle East? If so, does the region inspire you in any way?

I had been a long time ago and I endeavor to visit next year in February again. Dubai and the Middle East are magnificent. I am constantly inspired by the rich culture of this region. Actually, our winter 2019 collection, which we just started the concept for, is inspired by the Middle East.

As a creative director are you constantly looking for sources of inspiration? Where do you usually find them?

I often get inspired just by observing women’s changing lifestyles and also by the books that I read. As a designer you get constantly inspired and influenced. The magic begins in my head and then I start to translate it into seasonal stories for the BCBG woman.

What is your favourite thing about working in the fashion industry and how has it defined you as a person?

My favourite part about working as a fashion designer is the art of applying an aesthetic and beauty to clothing. My work gets influenced by cultural and social attitudes which means you always must stay relevant. My work humbles and grounds me every day. In my mind I have a clear vision and a big picture which I try to perfect every season a little bit more. I am grateful to have this beautiful picture in my head and I am enjoying the journey towards completing it one day.

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