As the Arab Fashion Council greats up for a whole host of in-person events this October, the world-famous Mattel doll Barbie has been announced as their Fashion Icon for the Year for 2021.

In recognition of Barbie’s lifetime achievement, a panel of over 500 industry members voted anonymously for a legendary icon who has undoubtedly paved her way in the industry.

While also being one of Moschino’s favourite muse, the house’s Creative Director, Jeremy Scott will present an archival collection as an ode to barbie. The Council’s Medal of Honour will also be presented to him as a tribute to Barbie.

Maya Diab

“A Fashion Icon is a role model that inspires ideology, change and setting trends,” Mohammed Aqra, Chief Strategy Officer of the Arab Fashion Council, said. “Barbie is this Icon that has been and still inspiring generations of children to embrace the best of over 200 careers.

“It is time for Barbie to be named the Fashion Icon in tribute to its lifetime achievement.”

Previously, Lebanese superstar Maya Diab had been named the first fashion icon via a virtual celebration.

To pass on the beacon, Maya will present the trophy to Kim Culmone, Mattel’s Senior Vice President of Global Barbie Design.

As part of the entertainment planned for the gala, an opera performance by the Jordanian American Soprana, Emanne Beasha, who’s known for her countless accolades in the past, will take place.

To pay homage to this classic icon, the Pink Carpet Gala and Award ceremony will be held at the Dubai Design District (d3), building 7 on October 24, 2021, with both regional and international, celebrities from the industry who will attend, in accordance necessary health guidelines.

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