If you shudder at the sound of hair ripping every time you brush it, we feel you. After all, it’s upsetting to tug and pull at your locks and see the fallout.


Some of us have to deal with coarse hair on daily basis, others get tangled after skipping a few hair salon appointments in a row. Either way the knots catch up to us all and we need to face them in the best possible way.

There are a number of good habits as well as several products on the market that can provide instant and long-term relief.

Get into a routine of brushing out the tangles before you shower as your hair is most fragile when wet and don’t skip the conditioner. When shampooing, take it easy and focus on the roots rather than the ends.

Once out of the shower, avoid rubbing your hair with the towel and stead gently squeeze or pat it. Consider a hair turban as it quickly absorbs excess water without pulling on your strands like a normal towel.

Introduce tangle sprays, scalp treatments and leave-in conditioners to your arsenal. Not only will they help banish the knots, but they also add shine and smoothness to the hair.

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