Always known for pushing the boundaries in fashion, Balenciaga has got the internet talking once again.

This time it’s over the luxury brand’s latest footwear drop known as the ‘Paris Sneaker’, which showcases a “pre-worn look” in its designs.

The campaign images dropped earlier this week and showcased the new sneaker designs as “extremely worn, marked up and dirtied” and they have, naturally, got the internet talking.

The campaign was shot by photographer Leopold Duchemin and is meant to depict that the “Paris Sneakers are meant to be worn for a lifetime”.

The images have made the rounds online, with many expressing their outrage at the price tag of $1,850 (Dhs6,800) for the “extra destroyed” sneakers. These specific designs will be limited-edition with only 100 pairs available worldwide.

However, the images that have been circulating don’t exactly tell the full story. They have been exaggerated for the purpose of the campaign.

The limited-edition drop of the Paris Sneakers, available for both men and women, are slightly dirtied and distressed, but not as exaggerated as in the campaign photographs, as seen below.

Balenciaga sneakers

Regardless, it’s divided opinions on social media, with many questioning who would ever buy destroyed sneakers for such a high price tag.

The memes also came in their masses.

So, what are your thoughts? Is this a trend you would invest in?

The full collection of the Paris Sneakers are available to purchase worldwide on and will be available in stores in the Middle East on May 16.

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Images: Supplied