Bold move: Working in association with the World Wildlife Federation to drive positive environmental change in the UAE is a dream come true for Danish-born Ida. “To be able to work on issues I am so passionate about, with one of the world’s most trusted brands (WWF) is amazing.” But the demanding role has not been without its challenges. “When I was promoted to Director General, I was five months pregnant with my second child. I wanted to make sure the organisation continued to evolve, but at the same time, I had two small children under three years old needing a lot of love and care. As many women know, it can be challenging to balance career and being a good mother, but it is possible!”

Work ethic: Ida started at EWS in 2007 as Marketing Director with a desire to make a change. “I realised that while there are many who share my passion for the environment, more needed to be done to drive real, tangible action with lasting impact.” Since then she has worked tirelessly to address the most pressing environmental threats in the UAE. “It’s been an exciting and inspiring journey and I’m very proud of what the organisation has achieved in that time.”

Future goals: Ida currently leads a team of 40 passionate and talented environmentalists, and she has plans to expand EWS’ reach in the future. “My goal remains to keep motivating and inspiring others to push the UAE’s environmental agenda forward and work with all sections of society to make a positive contribution to protect our natural world and limit the impact of climate change.”

Be inspired: “I encourage more women to stand up for our environment and to take action and make a positive difference wherever and however they can. I firmly believe that inspiring and empowering women the world over is key to safeguarding our future.”