Bold move: It was during a 2010 trip to the Indian Himalayas that aspiring photographer and Pilates instructor Harsha found her true calling: helping underprivileged children in Ladakh a region of India devastated by flash flooding – get access to education.

Work ethic: Harsha acts as a sponsorship facilitator, caring for 50 children in the Indian Himalayas and supporting them in their education. “I ensure the children under my care have sponsors who fund their education and boarding. I also take care of any medical needs that arise with the children such as treatment for Hepatitis B, eye surgery, dental care and plastic surgery for children with birth abnormalities.” She is also a tireless fundraiser, recently walking in sub zero temperatures along the Chadar River to raise funds for the construction of a local hostel project.

Future goals: “My long-term goal is not only to ensure that the 50 children under my care complete their secondary education, but also that they are equipped with the life skills and support needed to pursue their chosen path and become financially self-sufficient.” Harsha is also working with the Dubai-based Clover Medical Centre to set up a dental clinic at a local school in Ladakh.

Be inspired: “I was inspired to dream by an old high school teacher. She taught me how to give words to my thoughts. And that being true was more important than being right.”