Bold move: It was her own personal battle with depression that prompted British expat Andrea to launch Out of the Blues, a support group for women with post natal depression. “I have personally walked the long and lonely road of postnatal depression and PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and I remember only too well how that feels. I never want to see another woman take that walk alone,” she says. “Surviving mental illness was my biggest hurdle but creating Out of the Blues to offer support to others in a region where previously there was nothing has helped me as much as it has helped others.”

Work ethic: As co-founder, Andrea oversees the running of the group, mentoring volunteers, arranging group sessions and coffee mornings and meeting women affected by PND and their families. Her passion and drive is inspired by her children. “My children are my strength and my inspiration. Mental illness is something that affects the whole family, not just the one suffering, and if they can get out of bed every day and embrace life, then so can I.”

Future goals: Andrea has already touched so many lives, and hopes to continue to expand the support network. “Ultimately we would like to have a drop in facility for people – a safe place where they can come and talk, laugh, cry… whatever they need, and know they won’t be judged or turned away.”

Be inspired: “I hope to raise awareness of mental illness in the region and help to battle the stigma that shadows so many and causes them to hide away and not seek the help that they need.”