Bold move: After three years a one of the lead presenters on MBC’s celebrity gossip show E.T Bil Arabi, Nardine is ready to diversify. “This year, I launched my acting career, where I will be starring in a Ramadan TV series, with a diverse cast led by one of the region’s most renowned Arabic celebrities, Yousra.”

Work ethic: Nardine began her career on Egyptian radio, landing her first TV gig on Arab’s Got Talent. From the outset, she was captivating by the industry. “I loved the thrill of being on TV and interacting with the different contestants.” But her biggest achievement has been in her personal life. “Being part of an amazing family and raising my kids is my biggest achievement. Like most working women, finding the right balance between family life, work and social life has been challenging, but a good support system and a set routine has helped me.”

Future goals: Nardine dreams of emulating the career of her idol, US TV host Ryan Seacrest. “He is one of the most watched and respected presenters on the screen, and I admire his dedication, professionalism and his drive to diversify his career.”

Be inspired: “My ultimate goal is to host and produce my own show, where I can talk to women around the world about topics that really matter to them from work struggles to socio-cultural challenges.”