Bold move: Nez has been mentoring artistic talent for 15 years – long before Dubai’s flourishing arts and culture scene was established. In her current role heading up the Dubai Design and Fashion Council, she strives to get local artists the recognition they deserve. “There are always hurdles along the way, but what’s great about this industry is that people are collaborating and working together towards one vision.”

Work ethic: Nez’s background is firmly rooted in the arts, with a career that has spanned fashion, music, film and TV. She also runs a non-profit organisation called Noon Arts, supporting Libyan artists and their work.

Future goals: Nez is all about securing Dubai’s future as a fashion and design hub. “My role is to nurture local and regional talent across various areas of design, including architecture, product design, interior design, fashion design and graphic design. Our aim is to raise the profile of Dubai as a regional and global destination for design and fashion.”

Be inspired: “Being a mother has been my biggest achievement. It is a privilege and a blessing, and it has opened my heart in ways I never really imagined.”