Real estate partner at a private law firm to bona fide UAE fashionista.

CV: Belarus-born Natalia is a corporate and real estate partner at a private law firm in Dubai and a mother of three. In 2013 she turned her long-standing passion for fashion – which had already resulted in a bulging shoe closet – into, a blog documenting her stylish life.

Where it began: “I always wanted to be a doctor but I was scared of blood… I felt the law was the next best way to help people. I’ve always liked meeting new people and communicating with people from different backgrounds.

“Law and fashion in my mind are very similar. It’s about knowing the guidelines, having your own interpretation, and then convincing others of your point of view!”

Proud moment: “I’m proud of having moved to a new country less than a decade ago with poor English and no network, and fighting prejudices against Eastern European women to establish myself as a leading lawyer and an influencer in our society.”

 What winning means to me: “I’m a Russian who came to this country from a small village with a dream. Being part of these awards is great recognition for me, and it gives me a sense of belonging and of contributing to the community here in the Emirates.”

Photographed by: Farooq Salik  | Assisted by: Kristina Nabieva