She’s an active volunteer, supporting the UAE’s labour community, through special initiatives.

CV: An active volunteer from a young age, Californian Stephanie Sutherland established Dubai Mums’ Helping Hands, a 100 per cent community resourced network of almost 2,000 women who give their time to support the UAE’s labour community, through initiatives like filling and distributing care packages for workers.

Where it began: In the US Stephanie fit her charity work around college and later her work for digital start-ups in New York. “I’ve based my career around logistics, preferring to manage the nuts and bolts of an organisation, which is instrumental in DMHH’s success.”

Dreaming big: “My first goal will always be to grow DMHH. So much goodness has been spread throughout Dubai because of it, and we won’t stop.”

What winning means to me: “This is going to sound very cliché, but winning would be a win for our organisation. Every single initiative relies on the blood, sweat and tears of our members.”

Photographed by: Farooq Salik  | Assisted by: Kristina Nabieva