She makes handcrafted dolls, which are then gifted to orphans.

CV: Sahar is the woman behind Dumyé, which makes hand-crafted dolls “with a purpose”. For every doll it sells, Dumyé gifts another to an orphan through one of its art workshops.

Where it began: Disappointed by what was on offer while searching for a doll for her daughter, Sahar decided to make one herself. “I didn’t decide to turn this into an enterprise until I realised the incredible opportunity I had to use these dolls as a force for good.”

Proud moment: “Other than my daughter, seeing Dumyé’s mission come to life has been quite an achievement. We have gifted hundreds of dolls to orphans, most recently to Syrian and Palestinian refugees, and we have hundreds more to give.”

What winning means to me: “The honour lies in its symbolising that our community not only shares my values, but wishes to celebrate them. What a beautiful experience to be part of.”

Photographed by: Farooq Salik  | Assisted by: Kristina Nabieva