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Shine bright on the dance floor this party season with the latest pieces from Egyptian-American designer Jacquie Aiche.

Shanina Shaik acquie-Aiche-jewellery

The LA-based brand has enlisted Australian-Saudi model Shanina Shaik to showcase the latest Alignment At The Disco collection. It was designed to make a statement,but also intended to heal and bring balance – Aiche is known for using elements of spirituality in her pieces.

Each gemstone used in the collection is connected to a specific chakra, which can restore energy in a unique way.“I’ll always love designing jewellery that makes women feel beautiful, but this collection is about so much more than beauty. It is about self-love and personal healing,” she explains.

Shanina Shaik acquie-Aiche-jewellery

The seven chakras keep the mind, body and soul energised and grounded, all with their own vibrational frequency that regulates physical and emotional wellbeing – so you’ll have the power to dance the night away, and then the serenity to restore you the next morning.

Not only that, but the pieces themselves are absolutely stunning with Aiche, as always, encouraging you to mix and match. Throw together chunky rings with delicate bracelets, and layer colourful stones with diamonds. This bohemian approach to jewellery makes it feel youthful and ideal for any occasion.

Shanina Shaik acquie-Aiche-jewellery

Jacquie Aiche is available at www.aubadejewelry.com and in the Aubade boutique, Kuwait City

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