MyTheresa atlanta de cadenet

Oozing rock chick chic is Atlanta de Cadenet’s forte and it’s hardly surprising when you consider her mother is former wild child and sultry British actress-cum-photographer Amanda De Cadanet, and her father is the razor-sharp cheek-boned John Taylor, the bassist for 1980s legendary band Duran Duran. There’s was never a chance she wasn’t going to be the epitome of cool.

Despite her American upbringing – the model and her family left the UK for LA when she was a baby – Atlanta, who is the new portrait girl for, insists she “definitely has a British soul.” Here the 22-year-old shares images from her shoot and reveals her life lessons, exclusively, with Emirates Woman.

I am a woman first and foremost. Other than having the most amazing inventory of clothes, the team are some of the most generous and kind people. They have been incredibly supportive of me from the moment we met, and I’m delighted to be a part of the family.

Fame is normal to me. I’ve never registered my parents as being ‘famous’ until I was much older. I didn’t grow up in a lavish way, so although I was able to live comfortably, it didn’t come with many of the bells and whistles most people associate fame with.

MyTheresa atlanta de cadenet

It’s important to be aware of the things that come with being in the limelight. It isn’t what I strive for. It’s more about being successful in what I do, and having grown up the way I did, I am conscious of the other things that come with it.

Style is how you put yourself together. It’s also about attitude, and that is obviously something that comes from within.

Being ‘stylish’ doesn’t mean wearing ‘hip’ clothing, or seasonable pieces. It’s about how you wear something and how you feel in it.

atlanta de cadenet

My family is a huge influence on me in terms of my style evolution. I’ve been raiding my mum’s closets since before I could probably fit into anything. We have very similar tastes. She’s got that rock and roll vibe that I really, relate to – I steal her t-shirts all the time!

Londoners are so ballsy, I really admire that. They’re never scared to take risks. But personally, I love French style. They always look classic and well put together. A Parisian can make a striped shirt and blue jeans look impeccable.

MyTheresa atlanta de cadenet

I don’t rush when it comes to chasing my goals. I’d love to design a clothing line, that’s one of the goals that I’ve set for myself but I’m not really rushing anything. I want to make sure that when I do it, it’s right.

Always just be yourself, and if people don’t like you for that, then it’s their loss, not yours.

I have a problem with people who make assumptionsabout others. That has to be my biggest pet peeve.