As a teenager I was obsessed with the British TV show Gladiators and one contestant in particular – Eunice Huthart. She didn’t exactly look like much of a warrior, but she was strong and fierce and gave the ruthlessly hair-lacquered bunch of Gladiators a real run for their money. Eunice went on to become a stuntwoman in a James Bond movie and the only contestant to ever become a fully-fledged Gladiator in her own right. I wanted desperately to be an all-action girl like her – albeit but without the death-defying stunts or Spandex – and now I can, sort of, with the 4D PRO workout.

What is it?

The 4D PRO is a new workout developed by Dr Gharavi, a fitness trainer to Olympic athletes. The unique workout involves the 4D PRO ReAction trainer (a series of series of elastics and handles), which is suspended from the ceiling, and can be altered according to your workout.

The focus is on using your own body weight in gentle, or powerful (depending on the level of intensity you want) flexible movements that burn some major calories. From gravity defying runs to bouncing push-ups and pelvic lifts you will never have tried a workout so dynamic, or fun.



The 4D PRO workout trains the muscles to move faster and independently from each other. While it is effective it is also easier on the joints.

Who does it?

Sports stars and athletes. Many use it to improve their speed, agility and strength. After following a 4D PRO workout regimen, Russian backstroke swimmer Anastasia Zueva improved her speed and went on to swim the second 50m of a 100m race in under 30 seconds! This won her a gold in the 2011 world championships.

American model Alicja Burek credits her enviable physique to 4D PRO, saying: “4D PRO allows me to stay in great shape in no time – it’s pure efficiency fitness.”



Jumping in the air and not crashing down on my face was such liberating fun. The 4D PRO suspension system allows you to move your body in directions and heights you can never normally reach, allowing you to truly push your body. I felt like a stuntwoman as I leapfrogged back and forth (in my head I was reacting to an explosion). Your heart certainly beats faster and it does get a little sweaty) but you’re having so much fun you barely notice.

The Details

4D PRO is a new workout at GFX gym. Prices start at Dhs85 per class with package deals available ie 10 sessions cost Dhs650.


GFX gym | Mezzanine floor | Bay Avenue, behind Executive Towers (if coming in a taxi ask the driver to take you toward the Spinneys) | Business Bay | (04) 4255940


Photography & Video: Farooq Salik

Video Edit: Surajit Dutta & Shaik Saleh 

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