January’s – ‘The Confidence Issue’ – Download Now

As a new year begins, several people are embarking on a new journey filled with positive affirmations and fitness goals. For this month’s issue, some of the most incredible women we know tell us what they will be investing in to optimise their 2022 in our Life 2.0 section.

The founder of the Hundred Wellness Centre, Asma Hilal Lootah, is continually highlighting the importance of wellness of the mind, body and soul, particularly in a fast-paced city like Dubai.

Emirates Woman spoke to Asma about what makes her feel confident and what she shall be investing in this year to move towards her goals.

What will you be investing in for 2022 to optimize your life?

My main goal for 2022 is to slow down. Dubai is a very fast-paced city and my continuous focus is to avoid the rush, to say no and to prioritise my well-being and that of my family, friends and loved ones. When we slow down, we are mindful, we have the ability to be more conscious when we are with people and we can give them the value of our time. I want to enjoy each moment without worrying about the next thing, and invest my time in the people and experiences that bring me joy.

This is ‘The Confidence Issue’ – what makes you feel confident?

Over time, I have learned how to celebrate myself and my achievements. I believe it is important to take the time to look back at the things I have done, the moments that went well and enjoy the feeling of pride they give me. It does come with age, as we get older, we get a little wiser and gain more confidence in ourselves.

How can we support others to feel confident?

By having compassion and empathy for others. We all have our own stories and circumstances, if we remember that everyone is just doing their best, this perspective allows us to show everyone the kindness and understanding they need. Compliment people; find the positive aspects of their personality and remind them in a subtle yet honest way. Encourage people to do what is right for them, and support their unique goals and dreams.

January’s – ‘The Confidence Issue’ – Download Now

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