Tinies Childcare expert Katy Hayden delivers no-nonsense parenting advice and childcare tips from pocket money to allowing your children to use gadgets…

Q.) I would like my child to earn her pocket money. How do I do this?

A.) Responsibility is important in any child’s life and this can start from a very young age. Introduce housework into their routine; encourage them to make their bed, put toys and clothes away and get the plates out for mealtimes etc. Use sticker charts, so that once she has completed a chore she earns a sticker and at the end of that day or week they can receive pocket money. Sticker/reward charts enable  children of any age to see their progress and feel a sense of achievement.

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Q.) My child wants an iPhone but is only 11 what shall I do?

A.) Children at the age of 11 will always want the latest technology gadgets as they are most likely starting secondary school and see the older children with iPhones/iPads etc and want to be like them it is important to ask yourself why they want it. Is it to look cool or for safety reasons if travelling to school alone?  Discuss with your child their reasons for wanting the item, maybe allow them to have a cheaper pay-as-you-go phone, which they can have credit on for occasional use and emergencies. It’s important that they understand they may have the phone stolen or confiscated from them at school. It’s also important that children learn the value of items so by allowing them to have a cheaper phone they can work towards the bigger and better gadgets in time for when they are older.

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