Riyadh Fashion Week’s inaugural event was graced by the renowned Saudi designer, Mohammed Ashi, of Ahi Studio, who unveiled his latest collection in front of regional celebrities, fashion insiders, and the global style community.

This event marked a momentous return to his homeland and established his significance in the fashion world. Ashi’s new collection, aptly named “8pm,” drew inspiration from the enchanting desert nights, capturing the ethereal allure of starlit skies and moon-kissed sand dunes.

Ashi’s deft touch and meticulous attention to detail are evident in every stitch, weaving a narrative of luxury and grace into every design. Whether it’s a sweeping gown or an intricately embellished ensemble, 8pm is a testament to Ashi’s unwavering commitment to perfection.


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Ashi Studio’s groundbreaking moment came earlier this year when he became the first Saudi designer to secure a coveted spot on the Paris Haute Couture Week calendar, gaining recognition from the esteemed Federation de la Haute Couture.

Mohammed Ashi, the celebrated Saudi designer, has long been a name synonymous with luxury and elegance. His clientele boasts notable royals and global celebrities, including the likes of Beyoncé, Zendaya and Queen Rania.

As a designer who has transcended boundaries and celebrated the essence of Saudi culture, Mohammed Ashi’s 8pm collection was nothing short of a visual spectacle. Riyadh Fashion Week continues to be a global platform where innovation and creativity converge, leaving fashion enthusiasts eagerly anticipating the next chapter.

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