We will never tire of celebrating inspiring women in the region and it looks like L’Oréal is on the same page as it’s recruited a number of local trailblazers for it new ‘I am Infallible’ campaign.

With the aim to lift and encourage other women to push through their difficulties, the campaign has called upon the likes of Aseel Omran, Manal Rostom, Raha Moharrak and Daniella Rahmeh, to share their empowering stories and struggles that helped them achieve their dreams.

“Every woman has a voice and her story deserves to be told across the globe,” Omran tells Emirates Woman. “The campaign encourages women to thrive, work hard and break the boundaries in order to reach their goals. My message to all the women living in this region, you are responsible for your future, decide your path and work towards making your dreams come true.”

Aseel Omran and Raha Moharrek join a regional cast of women for L’Oréal


The campaign also showcases the key products from the Infallible range that a collection of long-wearing products including full-coverage foundation and concealer, matte liquid lipstick, waterproof eyeliner, and more. Designed to empower every woman to feel and look her best, the long-lasting in colour and coverage will help you create a natural yet flawless look for day and night.

“I have always felt like the odd one out, the rebelliously unique character with the unconventional beauty,” shares Moharrak. “I always say I’ll never be the woman who can pull off perfect hair, last long with painted nails without a chip here and there, I can never look effortlessly done up because I will always prefer elegantly dressed down. I’ll forever be awkwardly blunt and hopelessly a dreamer, I’m mathematically challenged but creatively gifted and I’m more stubborn than I care to admit, but loyal to a fault for it. My nose is sharp and bold but not as much as my mind and imagination, a few scars decorate my body but they also colour my soul. I am my own flawed version of myself, but I would rather never fit in than be average and forgettable”

Aseel Omran and Raha Moharrek join a regional cast of women for L’Oréal

L’Oréal supports many causes as part of their commitment to female empowerment, including their own ‘Women of Worth’ and ‘Stand Up’ Programs. L’Oréal also empowers both men and women to combat street harassment through their awareness training program, developed in partnership with expert NGO Hollaback!, creating a culture and community of respect, dignity and worth.

“My message to all the women in the region is: Don’t be afraid to show your true colours to your world. Never even think about changing the world. Work to change the game, The world will eventually take note,” says Rostom.

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