With numerous individuals in the UAE and globally being granted the Golden Visa, a tool was officially launched in 2022 to check your eligibility for the same.

Through a short quick quiz available on the Federal Authority for Identity & Citizenship, users can answer a few questions relating to their contribution to the country’s economy and additionally find out more about the supporting documents needed for each criteria.

After first being implemented in 2019, the UAE’s Golden Visa residency programme was introduced as a means for expats to live, work and study in the UAE for a period of 10 years without the need for a sponsor.

Based on the information provided by VisaGuide.World “Authorities in Abu Dhabi have announced that the Golden Visa scheme will be valid for a period of ten years instead of five years. The new changes have been confirmed by the Director of Operations at the Abu Dhabi Residents Office, Mark Dorzi.”


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Several talented individuals such as Chef Izu, content creators Ola Farahat and Karen Wazen, actor Shah Rukh Khan and others have already been granted this visa after their notable achievements within the industry and beyond.

With immense benefits for Golden Visa holders, the visas extend to immediate family members to ensure expats can keep their members can keep their family members live in the country hassle-free.


So, are you eligible for a Golden Visa? The UAE government has made it easy to see if you are with a two-minute quiz which you can take here.

Below, we’ve also outlined the key players who are eligible for the Golden Visa.


With the UAE considered a startup hub and with an influx of innovative business, entrepreneurs are now eligible to apply under this category. The requirements are for any small and medium enterprise (SME) to generate not less than Dhs1m in revenue or the individual should be a founder of a previous project that was sold for not less than Dhs7m and it needs to be approved by the Ministry of Economy or competent local authorities.

Real estate investors

The visa categories included those who have a property with a minimum investment of Dhs2 million in real estate, with investors who purchase properties on a mortgage plan where the total investment is Dhs2 million or more.

‘Exceptional talents’

The categories for receiving the visa have been expanded. Under this category, individuals in fields such as culture & art, sports, investors & innovators, and digital technology can now be beneficiaries of this esteemed visa scheme.

Scientists & researchers

Any notable scientists and those conducting intense research in their field will have an opportunity to apply, based on the recommendation from the Emirates Scientists Council. The requirements for this category include a Ph.D. or master’s degree in either of the heads that include engineering, technology, life sciences and natural sciences from well-reputed universities along with proof of research and any achievements.

Outstanding students

Students in UAE secondary schools and exceptional graduates from UAE universities and 100 of the best situated worldwide have an opportunity to apply for this visa. The requirements include sharing their academic performance, year of graduation and university classification.

Skilled workers

Workers who have a Bachelor’s degree, and a valid contract of employment, are classified under the occupational level one or two as defined by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation and have a minimum monthly income of Dhs30,000 will be granted this visa in the UAE.

How to apply once eligible?

Eligible candidates will need to follow the six-step process via the Dubai Smart Application after downloading the GDRFA application, then create a new user account, select the required service, follow the attachment of the required documents, pay the fees and ultimately submit the request.

Candidates can also apply for the UAE’s Golden Visa through AMER Center, if they wish to physically submit the documents and make the payment.

If you think you’re a potential candidate to receive a Golden Visa, take this two minutes quiz on smartservices.icp.gov.ae to find out your eligibility.

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