We all like a dinner with a good view – but this one takes that idea further. A lot further.

Hungry customers will have the chance to chow down while hanging 50 metres above the ground when Dinner In The Sky launches in Dubai this month.

The gravity-defying experience sees guests hoisted in the air by crane at the Habtoor Grand Resort, Autograph Collection, where they then enjoy a fine-dining menu.

The exact dishes and prices haven’t yet been revealed ahead of the dinner’s launch on December 15, but what we do know is that you’ll be able to choose from lunch, brunch or dinner.

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And be assured, safety is definitely a top priority – guests will be strapped into their seats and serving and kitchen staff will be secured with safety harnesses.

The table can seat 22 people, and the meal itself takes around 55 minutes (but add on another 30 when you include seating  time).

“Dinner in the Sky offers an extraordinary culinary experience for thrill-seeking foodies,” said the concept’s CEO and owner, Ahmed Ishbair.

Dinner In The Sky

“The concept combines a perfect balance of fine dining, exquisite views, excitement and theatre into one completely unique and breath taking experience.”

The idea first came to fruition 10 years ago, where it launched with sky-high dinner parties in Belgium and Germany. More than 40 countries have now hosted their own versions, including London, Paris, and New York, and Abu Dhabi held a one-night version back in 2013.

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While perhaps not one for those with a fear of heights (you’d probably not have a great appetite sitting at 164 feet), it’s definitely a Christmas treat for foodies with a keen sense of adventure.

The Dubai version will hold meals between 11am and midnight, and tickets can be booked at dinnerinthesky.ae.

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