Laser facials in Dubai are now a thing – thanks to Skin Laundry who’ve changed the skincare game in this part of the world.

With express 20 minutes laser facials, this clinic has transformed the laser facial industry, by harnessing the power of revolutionary lasers to deliver some serious skin results.

By using focused beams of light, targeted areas of concern can be focused on to improve skin texture, minimize pores, reduce pigmentation and improve collagen.

While TikTok has become a popular platform for skincare advice, it’s essential to approach these trends with caution, Skin Laundry’s Area Clinic Manager at DIFC tells us. With the importance of dermatologically approved treatments, it’s key to follow strict guidelines when it comes to your skin to see effective results.

Now having two locations in Dubai Marina and DIFC, Skin Laundry has grown in popularity over the last few years after originally hailing from California.

So, to delve further, Emirates Woman spoke to Naughton who tells us about the transformative power of laser facials.

Talk us through your role as Clinic Manager?

My role as Dubai Area Manager for Skin Laundry has given me an amazing experience in the fast-paced beauty industry. On a daily basis, I would be dealing with the operations of our two clinics which are based in DIFC and Marina location. I manage an amazing team from front-of-house client coordinators to our DHA registered nurses & laser specialists. We have a family-oriented team and each of us has a very strong passion for skin care. Seeing each of our clients reach their skin goals and the confidence and happiness it brings to them makes my job so rewarding. I look forward to many more years with Skin Laundry.

What are the main treatments offered at Skin Laundry?

At Skin Laundry we made laser facials a thing! We specialise in medical-grade laser facials and do Hydrafacial, BBL and micro-needling treatments. We have treatments to help with all skin concerns and skin goals. When it comes to laser facials, we recommend doing a course of treatments over time to see the best results. We do offer a Laundry Club Membership which is designed for our clients to keep consistent and complete their laser facials over a period of time. Having a membership is like going to the gym. You need to be consistent and keep up with your laser facials to see the best results. We also have an in-house skincare line which has been developed by our dermatologists in the US and are designed to complement our treatments and enhance results.

Skin Laundry Area Manager

What should customers know prior to an appointment?

All clients should be aware of any contraindications that they may have prior to doing any of our treatments. We get each client to fill out a medical intake form which goes through their medical history and informs them of any contraindications prior to treatment to make sure they are eligible. Our DHA registered nurses will complete a thorough consultation for everyone before proceeding with treatment, which includes a full explanation of the procedure. Our nurses will create a customised treatment plan tailored to each client’s skin concerns and goals.

What advice would you give to beginners who are trying laser facials for the first time?

If you would like to start with lasers, we would recommend coming in for a consultation with one of our trained DHA registered nurses and laser technicians first, so they will assess your skin and see what treatment would be best for you. Like I said before, consistency is key so we would always recommend a minimum of 6 sessions of laser to start seeing results! We also educate our clients on the contraindications of laser and the importance of aftercare and maintenance with our treatments for safe and best results.

What are the key benefits of laser resurfacing?

We offer our fractional laser which is a resurfacing laser facial which focuses on improving skin texture, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, treating superficial pigmentation (sun spots, age spots and post-acne spots) and improving scarring. This laser facial is an amazing treatment and very popular with our clients at Skin Laundry. All lasers are non-ablative lasers so there is little to no downtime which is a big bonus for our clients as we see a lot of clients that have very busy lifestyles. They are getting medical-grade laser facials which are quick and effective with little to no downtime! This means you can come in after work or on your day off and leave with fresh clean glowing skin.

Talk us through the process of the signature laser facial?

Our Signature Laser facial utilises an Nd:YAG laser that bypasses the surface and penetrates deep into the skin where most of our skin concerns live. It blends skin discoloration such as sunspots and melasma, minimizes redness, and stimulates collagen to make your skin healthier and more resilient. Due to its unique wavelength, our Nd:YAG can also be used to treat acne by reducing inflammation and targeting breakout-causing bacteria. This treatment is suitable for all skin types with no downtime and focuses on deep cleaning, improving pigmentation stimulating collagen and tightening pores! The nurse starts off by cleansing the skin of any dirt and makeup, and providing protection for the hair and eyes. The treatment takes only about 15 minutes, making it a very effective and quick procedure for luminous skin.

What type of skincare concerns does a laser facial treat?

At Skin Laundry we help treat all main skin concerns from acne, acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, lines, wrinkles, firming and toning, Rosacea, and broken capillaries. After each consultation, our DHA nurse or laser technician will create a customized treatment plan catered to your concerns and goals.

What is the downtime and what does the after-care look like?

As our laser facials are non-invasive, they have little to no downtime. We break down the do’s & don’ts, and give you tips to help you maintain your glow and keep your skin healthier than ever. Our nurses would always go through all aftercare tips which are different for each treatment. On checkout of each appointment, our clients will also receive a QR code which will take them directly to our aftercare tips where they can look at it in the comfort of their home. While aftercare is different for each treatment, generally we advise patients to avoid direct, prolonged sun exposure and makeup for a day or two after to avoid clogging or damaging the freshly laundered pores.

Who should strictly avoid these treatments and why?

Any clients that have any contraindications towards our treatments would not be able to proceed with the treatment. You can visit our website our speak to one of our team members for any queries on contraindications. The main one would be recent excessive sun exposure and any other harsh exposure on the skin. Our dermatologist team create these strict protocols to make sure all our clients are in safe hands while doing our treatments. Our nurses will always assess first and make sure each client is eligible for treatment.

We’re now exposed to an overwhelming number of TikTok and Instagram skincare trends. What are some of the treatments you would recommend avoiding at home?

TikTok has become a popular platform for skincare advice, but it’s essential to approach these trends with caution. Some TikTok skincare trends that are best avoided due to their potential negative effects on the skin include Harsh medical grade products without proper consultation or guidance from a nurse; products such as active acids, harsh exfoliants and tools used without a consultation from a professional; at home manual extractions like micro-needling that can damage the skin barrier; chemical peels; and dermaplaning. These procedures should be performed by trained professionals in a controlled environment to minimize the risk of complications. Attempting these treatments at home without proper knowledge and sterile conditions can lead to adverse effects and potential skin damage.

Are laser facials growing in demand in the Middle East?

Laser facials have been growing in popularity worldwide, including in the Middle East, in recent years. The Middle East region, known for its emphasis on beauty and skincare, has shown an increasing interest in advanced skincare treatments, including laser facials. These treatments utilise advanced laser technology to target specific skin concerns, stimulating collagen production and promoting a more youthful and radiant complexion. The Middle East, with its thriving beauty and wellness industry, has witnessed a rise in the demand for laser facials as individuals seek effective and non-invasive solutions for their skincare needs. It’s the future of skincare offering quick treatments with maximum possible results and minimum downtime. With an oversaturated skincare market, there’s a growing need for treatments that are backed by technology and science.

Skin Laundry has grown globally with a big market in Dubai. Are there any main skincare concerns you’ve noticed for both women and men in this part of the world?

As we are in the Middle East where the temperature can reach up to 50 degrees Celsius in the summer, weather can play a massive role in the health of our skin. Our location in the desert also plays a role, as the pollution from sand and dust in the air can clog our pores, causing acne prone skin as well as sun damage. We treat a lot of clients with these concerns, who have seen amazing results from our treatments!

Skin Laundry Clinic

Talk us through your daily skincare routine.

My daily skincare routine is very simple but effective. I use the Skin Laundry products as all of our skincare is developed by our dermatologists in the USA. I always make sure to cleanse, tone, moisturize and use a serum each morning and night but most importantly would be applying SPF every day! Everyone should be using SPF daily and re-applying every 2 hours if out in the sun. At Skin Laundry, we have a mineral-based SPF which includes hyaluronic acid, making it nice and light on the skin and giving a glow. I also ensure to book for laser facial every 14 days. My favorite laser facial would be the carbon laser facial as this focuses on deep cleaning the skin, giving an instant healthy glow!

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