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Hanan Mazouzi Sobati, Founder of Arabian Gazelles, is driving change in the region one luxury supercar at a time.

What inspired you to launch Arabian Gazelles?

One of the main reasons was my growing frustration with the automotive industry and the way women were overlooked in this male-dominated sector, nobody was doing anything about it! So, I decided to set up the club which evolved into a platform of like-minded women passionate about driving change.

You first launched the group in 2017. How have things evolved since then?

The industry has been slow to recognize the buying power of women, but they’re now recognizing this is a massive segment. We have a voice and a seat at the table. Luxury car manufacturers are discovering the power of women buyers, setting up female advisory boards and panels to review current and future products and give feedback to shape vehicles, the shift is also reflected in hiring women in this industry – celebrating women engineers and industry’s leaders. Luxury carmakers host female-focused events and track days. Women are also seen behind the wheels of supercars in marketing ads and campaigns. Not as passengers like we used to see before! It has clearly evolved and it’s only the beginning.

How do you believe Arabian Gazelles is breaking down barriers in this region?

Any collective work of empowered women will break barriers. We set up as a car club and have grown into a platform a community of passionate women driving for change and paving the way for others to look for their passion and fuel it. We have a voice and we use it to normalize women buying, driving and enjoying their passion for supercars, banishing old cliches and tired assumptions. We now have more than 100 ladies from 26 different countries and backgrounds, ranging from doctors, artists, lawyers, pilots, housewives and CEOs and we all share this passion to connect, bond, network and build businesses together!

Hanan - Arabian Gazelles

How does it feel to have created such an iconic group so many women look up to?

I feel extremely proud and humbled by the love, respect and support we have received since we set up our platform. Women and men locally and internationally want to be part of the community we have built around our passion.

Describe the Arabian Gazelles woman.

Passionate, driven, confident and inspirational.

“Women and men locally and internationally want to be part of the community we have built around our passion.”

What are the challenges you have faced being a woman in a male-dominated field?

Challenges were inevitable, as it’s a territory long held by men and for men, we met with objections and derogatorily comments by few. However, they soon joined our ranks when they realised that we share the same genuine pleasure and passion driving our cars, that some of us bought our cars with their own money and some were lucky enough to afford this luxury and are grateful for it.

How do you hope to help inspire others looking to follow a similar career path to yours?

One of the success stories of Arabian Gazelles is how this platform inspired women, men and children to follow their passion. To explore areas that spark their interest, with enthusiasm and passion. They will be more resilient when they encounter obstacles making them proud of their achievements and for being part of something that matters.

What would be your key piece of advice to the younger generation?

Figure out what brings you joy, what sparks your interest, develop your skills to contribute to something beyond yourself!

What are the hopes for the future of women in this country?

To realise their full potential in their chosen field.

What is the philosophy you live by in both your personal and professional life?

Pursuing one’s own dreams regardless of the opinions of others.

This year we celebrate the UAE’s 50th Anniversary – what makes this region unique to you?

The UAE is home. It’s synonymous with happiness and peace. I have lived in the United Arab Emirates more than I have lived in my country of birth, Algeria. I have raised a family, developed my skills, and built my career, reputation and wealth here in the UAE. I am inspired by the country’s leaders to be the best version of myself and contribute to the progress of this nation.

We also celebrate Emirates Woman’s 40th anniversary. How would you now describe the brand and how does it support women in the region and beyond?

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